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Recent Problems With Multiplayer Matches Glitching And Freezing On PlayStation 4.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been playing ‘Heroes vs Villains Multiplayer Matches’ for the past few days now and have been experiencing a lot of Glitching and Game Freezing as well as Sudden Auto-Removal Of Players and Error Messages caused by the game itself while on ‘PlayStation 4’ .

I was just on it for 30mins prior to writing up this post, and the game’s Network System was so glitching up that I couldn’t play it properly for the first time in a while.

Has anyone else also been experiencing these problems with “SW: Battlefront 2” on ‘PlayStation 4’ besides myself ?
Will EA and Dice be fixing these issues Soon ?
And are these very recent problems with the game affecting PlayStation 4 Users, or is it happening on every Console ?

....It was so full of error glitches tonight (my time in Australia) and I just stopped playing after only half an hour, as no players were able to play ‘Heroes vs Villians Mode’ properly. It has been having problems for the past couple of days but nothing like tonight.


  • jonci
    858 posts Member
    Does it on PC in Europe dude, worse since last update.
  • I own it on PlayStation 4 and sometimes it’s good, other times EA’s Network System just plays up.

    It’s gotten better now two weeks on, but still glitches do happen.
  • I almost never lag but recently I noticed that I have been losing connection to certain HvV servers. I don’t understand why because my ping is 34 and my internet connection on PS4 is 21mbps download and 2mbps upload.
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