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How many evenly matched rounds must be destroyed by senseless Matchmaking?

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edited January 8
Please fix this!! Take away the Matchmaking option and just make it Auto and see if this helps.


  • jonci
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    You should post it in the mega thread on EOR MM which is hidden away, as they don't wish you to find it, apart from the guarantee this will be deleted or moved, it will be ignored. EOR MM isn't going to change, as their attitude to the multitude of requests is ignored which sucks dude.
    They say it works yet refuse to prove it. Quicker games and more full matches (yeah right, they obviously haven't actually played it as we see more dead lobby's).
    All i can say is it was for a weekend apparently, shame that the weekends in their location lasts over 8 months, though probably explains why all the other bugs remain and are getting worse.
    Perhaps they will sort them after the extended weekend when they return to work, meanwhile enjoy the mega mash that is heroes unleashed and the 3 x XP laid out there to satisfy us ****, rather than bug fixes and new content, this live service upped and died a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
  • bfloo
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    The matchmaking button doesn't really do anything
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  • bfloo wrote: »
    The matchmaking button doesn't really do anything

    It does actually.

    What it does is bugs the hell out of me and makes me annoyed, not the fact it's there to be used, but the fact that even when i don't press it, nor does anyone else it automatically lies and says we did a search for matchmaking.
    Worst garbage they ever did on this game and they are unfortunately so pig ignorant they wont sort it despite the massive number of requests.
    If they want it in fine, but make it a choice only by pressing the button, if you don't press you don't get switched to empty lobby's.
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