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HvV Starfighter issue

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I came back after little bit more than half year break, and was so excited to see that there is a Heroes vs Vill. Starfighter game mode. For which I was praying for since so long.

Why? Because leveling Starfighter Hero ships was a cancer and pain in the a in regular Starfighter assault.Hero ships were always focused down in 2 sec and it was rare that you had a chance to even pick one.
So HvV Starfighter was a must have game mode to not just enjoy but also to level Hero ships.


Realisation was done in a poor way. The initial purpose of HvV Starfighter was not fulfilled.
Two reasons:
1. You can almost never find a game. And if you manage to get lucky and find one, if a team is starting to loose, at least one person quits, and the game will be set on hold till someone else joins. (Yeah guess how big the chances are that someone will join and also stay in a literally lost game)
2. Game starts, and as soon your hero ship gets destroyed, you can respawn ONLY in a regular ship. WHY? So basically is not just the light side favored with a possibility of so many tanky ships, but every game starts with the destruction of less tanky ships or just destruction by purely being unlucky. And you are screwed. You have no chance to enjoy and also level your Hero ship.
3. And in addition to point 2., because of the reasons I mentioned at the beginning of my post, regular ships are already maxed out for most players, but hero ships are low level. So your hero ship gets destroyed, and than you enter the battlefield with a much more usefull regular ship with all purple cards, and you start to annihilate everything.
Personally if I would want to play regular starfighters, I will go and pick Starfighter Assault.
Why was it so hard to implement a Starfighter HvV game mode with the mechanics of regular HvV? Where you are going for frags. Would be much more enjoyable.


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