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Every time I play the droids, it seems that I am the only person playing a heavy with torpedos.
Aren’t people realizing that there is no chance to win if they gimp around like mindless and utterly useless lemmings trying to get kills?


  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    LOL, that has been the issue with this game since launch. You don't get enough XP for taking an objective over kills.

  • I did get a lot of XP when playing as a heavy as a battle droid when using the Ion turret in Geonosis to take out the AT-TE in lunch. but until they patched it and everytime I wanted to use the ion turret to destroy the AT-TE's they take less damage reduction than the more damage reduction when Geonosis map was released. I hope this helped out if not I hope your teammates work out fine. MTFBWY
  • I like that skin you put there that's cool! @Zinjo
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