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December CC

I wish the SWBF games could be started with less people in the lobby...

I wonder how much money we need to fundraise to get DICE to lower needed player count before starting a game?

I play a lot of Walker Assualt, which always seems to have games going, but the DLCs are tougher and can almost exclusively be played during weekends (if at all).

What would the effect be if the DLC´s could had a minimum requirement of 2 players in the Lobby?

I've come back to SWBF after a long time of "getting fed up with the grinding" in SWBFII. I just wish I´d be able to play everything (even Bespin) in it. SWBF is still the best SW game out there
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  • Yes like Strike can start with 5v5 or something. And even now with the heavy Matchmaking still teams have great player number differences..
    My priority list:

    1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
    2. Fix bugs
    3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
    4. More love for Starfighter modes
    5. First Person only mode
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