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Disable controller

Dear reader,
A few days ago I bought SWBF II, after having lots of fun with the first one, I decided it was time to buy this one as well.
I copied my controls over, which I use with custom mapping software for my controller and expected it to work just as good as in SWBF I(2015) , however.... it doesn't. Apparently there is no disable controller button, like in SWBF I, and I really miss that. Now I'm forced to use the in-game controls of the controller, which you can't change (I really do hate this, hence why I hate consoles) or pull out my controller and use keyboard and mouse. I'm fairly disappointed a AAA game doesn't have this basic of an option. Your previous game has it, why not this one. And after checking the SWBF I forum I noticed it wasn't in there in the beginning as well, it was after player feedback. This has been asked on this forum before, over a year ago apparently, but still no simple implementation. Why is that? (Screenshot of SWBF I as proof you've done it before). Multiple people ask for this, it would be a great QoL improvement with virtually less then 100 lines of code to implement. Is there any progress or news I'm not aware of that this is really coming?


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