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Future of arcade-exploration mode

I wasn't sure if if the conquest mode coming to arcade was going to include larger maps or if Devs we're going to try and fit a conquest mode in the current arcade maps. If there aren't going to be larger versions of maps, could we ever get the invisible walls removed or at least pushed back to incorporate a larger portion of the map to explore and play in? Or could we get an exploration mode in arcade with maps closer to GA size and enemies and vehicles in patrol/sentry modes in areas, maybe enemies can respawn to keep the map continuously eventful?


  • Nobody likes the idea of exploration modes?
  • Relmets
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    I'm with you buddy
    I want to be able to explore Theed so badly without the absolutely terrible invisible walls, ceilings, and out of bounds. On the ground and in the sky. Opening those maps up in arcade would be a welcome thing from me. Out of bounds and invisible walls should be gone entirely, or at least pushed back HEAVILY, so players can poke around the map. Also a time of day setting would be nice to pick between midday, afternoon, and sunset.
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  • It seems the exploration mode would be fairly easy to implement, I'm not a dev, so I don't know what all is ntailed in it's creation.
  • it would be nice but sounds difficult
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
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