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@F8RGE: Squad roles update

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The squad system could use more of tacticalness that would give casual players and other more dedicated players the feeling of being part of something bigger, that what they do really matters on the battlefront:

A squad would be made of 4 members on galactic assault (other game modes will have this number higher or lower, 5 being the best IMO)

1 slot is dedicated to the Squad leader: Officer/Clone Commander reinforcement/Heroe.
A squad won't benefit any buff of any sort without a squad leader.
The squadmates have to stay in the squad leader officer radius of 10 meters to benefits battle points bonus multiplier etc...

The squad leader is the one to mark objectives and enemy targets to eliminate, any success on a marked objective or target grant the squad with credits.

The squad leader also provides buff and healing and could call for orbital strikes, he is also a mobile spawn point, if he dies he can spawn back quickly on his still alive squad mates.

All the other squad members can only fast spawn on the squad leader, otherwise, they have to spawn at a Command Post and/or default spawn point.

The squad must have at least 1 heavy in the squad.

A typed chat channel dedicated to the squad is a must have if no VOIP.

NB: It might be smart to revamped the Rank system as well, so the players really start as rookies up to officers...veterans, as rookies/1st/ 2nd class they can only play the Assault class with a basic gear/ star cards (revamp them to, they make no sense for troopers classes and a standard issue weapon.

Leveling up the rank will grant access to new weapons, gear, and squad roles Heavy/Specialist/ Trooper class Reinforcements, cosmetic customizations and a minimal amount of Credits per matches by rank

(ex: creds for a rookie from 1st class to 2nd, 1000 for a sergeant, 1300 lieutenant, 1500 Captain and 2000 for a Commander) of course, it's either you stick to the 5 ranks from the clones of Episode 2 or you go Battlefield ranking system where there is more, but would mean even more expensive cosmetics to pay for...

even more with the objective score multiplier, squad score multiplier, and Victory multiplier.
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