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Game modes

More game modes would be nice. Bring a combination of all modes in 1. Sort of like battle station of the deathstar dlc in Battlefront 1. Pod racing, incorporate some of the modes of battlefront 1 into. Make it possible to start custom games with friends or anyone.


  • I wish that they would just add more unique objectives to the current game modes, instead of adding more game modes.

    The more game modes they create the more the community splits up and it becomes harder to find a full game to start playing in each of the game modes.

    I'm fine with the new large scale game mode, but after that they just need to add more objectives/different game rules for each of the current game modes and do like they did with SWBF 2015 DLC content where you would rotate round to round or map to map on what objective you were playing. Right now strike kind of does this with sabotage and capture data tape objectives; however, it's not enough objectives and you should be able to play any objective on any map and not be required to play a certain objective on the same map.

    It gets overly repetitive. That was one of the great things about SWBF 2015 was that they had a ton of different objectives for different DLC and it would rotate objectives for the same map, so it could take you most of the game to play the same objective on the same map again.
  • Okay I feel ya. Be nice also if they let players have choice of the next upcoming map for a match. Whether the lobby repeat a map, choose between 2 or pick a random.
  • Cyro
    78 posts Member
    they would finally need a DYNAMIC mode.

    No, the new Capital Supremacy mode is not dynamic.
  • Yeah man, I thought Capital supremacy was going to be it. Maybe even a mode where you play and after each match you choose what mode you play next and the map. Between 2 modes/maps and a random.
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