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Make Kyro Ren's Freezing skill gain a score in HvV Mode

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edited January 11
Why it need to change
Freezing skill make teammate take enemy down as blaster a lot of easier.
but sad Kyro Ren not gain a single a score when he helped team and very rare to see Kyro Ren as MVP.
Gaining a score will make Kyro Ren's player automatically freezing combo for teammate and
Motivated teamplaying and balancing play score compare other DPS Hero.

Freezing skill Rework Suggestion

If Blaster Hero shot to freezing enemy : Calculate from Blaster Hero's Score 30-50%
(Example : Iden Versio got 30 score done by shoot blaster, Kyro Ren receive 10 or 15 Support Score)

If Light Saber hit except Kyro Ren : Calculate from Light Saber Hero's Score 50-100% because one hit skill no longer freeze
(Example : Darth Vader got 12 score done by Hit from light Saber, Kyro Ren receive 6 or 12 Support Score)

If done by other skill : Calculate if other skill have damage and receive fixed score for 10-20 Support Score.
(Example : Darth Vader Grab , Kyro Ren receive 10-20 Support Score)


  • They also need to allow heros only a minigame to break free of the freeze sooner.

    i think that Kylo needs the extended freeze time to allow his frenzy attack to work on standard characters better; however, the freeze time kind of ruins HvV and that's why heros should have the option of breaking free.....also because they are heros.
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