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No credits or achievements

Has anyone else been experiencing having no credits or achievements after playing galactic assault for the past few days? Keeps saying round has ended??


  • Anyone??
  • Is this where it says no data available etc, if so its a known bug for any multiplayer mode after you have been in arcade.
    You need to log out of game and back in again for it to work, though it does occasionally pop up from time to time anyway.
    You still get the credits.
  • Ah that would explain it then, thank you mate.
  • jonci
    978 posts Member
    No Problem, I would suggest searching the forums and looking for things already reported or commented on in the future, saves time in the long run, and trust me most subjects/ issues/ bugs in game have already been flogged to death here, most without any thing being done to fix the by the devs.
  • bfloo
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    You still get them.

    They just don't show if you decide to play arcade.

    Maybe they'll fix it Soon™
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