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What this game really needs

You read the title... the game needs a Server Browser.

With all these weekend events we need a server browser more than ever. With all the people wanting a GA game with era related heroes you get your event soon but when next after that? A month? Two months? Never?

Server browser would solve most of the problems with the awful matchmaking of now and let you choose your own mode and modes within that mode.
I know people who like Heroes Unleashed event and hate normal GA. I know people who would prefer 2 heroes at all phases and some dont like heroes at all in GA. Not just in big modes like GA either, For any mode, Keep the target system optional on HvV and make different varieties of heroes modes including Hero Team Death Match or even the Battlefront 1 hero mode.

If Battlefront 2 had server browser where people could pay for servers like Battlefield then i think it would make the game a lot better.


  • This has been an issue since launch. It has definitely been asked for countless times. Cinematic Captures even did an EPIC April Fools prank by making a server browser for SWBF2 using elements from Battlefield 1 's server browser.

    If it's not in the game at this point I dont think it's coming. For one it would expose a lower player count, and it would also take away developers from creating content which has been embarrassingly low post launch.
  • Really does need it, not sure if they ever said why they don't do server browser or didn't do it in BF2015.

    Most likely not happening given that they took away our choice to even stay in a server, let alone give us the option to pick our own server.

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