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I want more granade options for GA

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edited January 11
Ok so we have a concussion, shock, poison, and flash... uhh what? I am sorry but from my knowledge lore wise alone there is over 200, and over 800 in legends. I will pick the best and suggest them to be added from lore.

Ion- Damages all ATST etc. Base damage of 80. Upgrades to 150
Sonic- Deals 15 damage, and stuns for 1 second. Upgrades to 4
Plasma- deals 10 + 30/ s for 3 seconds. Upgrades 10% until purple
Carbonate: heals allies 80 or slows enemies by 25. Upgrades 20% by purple
Inferno: burns enemy 80 / s (removed by double rolling). Upgrades to 100 by purple
Frost: -50% move speed for 1 min. Upgrades by 5% each rank.
Nail- deals 30 to all enemies within a 80M radious. Upgrades 5 each rank
Caltrop: deals 1/s for 8 min, removed my dying (1 m radeios). No upgrades

Got any others, suggest. Agree? Furious! Explain why?

If so which heroes would get what cards

One thing for sure, we need more trooper star cards.
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