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SWB2 needs to revert back to allowing players to own severs, allowing players to swap teams and allowing player to choose servers. The 'streamlining' of the matchmaking service does not make it easier. In fact, it's frustrating, as we have no choice to pick what map we want to play and are forced to play on a rigid map rotation. Team balancing is also an issue. The server might have up to 30 or so people, but we have to wait for 2-6 other players to join. Why doesn't Dice just implement bots or shuffle the players around in the server? (It was a thing in other Dice/EA titles!) Thirdly, joining any server as team/group is impossible. The more people you have (2+), the more difficult it seems to be to join a game. It seems that the lack of control and options for servers has made it impossible to enjoy as a team (group joining a server). I would also suggest trying to level the playing field in servers by segregating leveled players into different servers... However, I don't think SWBF2 has the population to do so.

I really doubt this will be fixed.


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