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2019 with More Space

Doing well overall however my levels and interest is really low when it comes to starfighters... love the idea had a go a few times rather bored quickly. Extraction GA and HvV is what I’m on when I’m on but would like to see more space modes or flight time along with more starfighters obv...

Clones for extraction & more maps
Mace windu
More arcade content and BIGGER
More vehicles
Full support to “non-linear game mode” along with your choice of words “Venator” (sexy)? Ayee 😏

Not to much to ask but good luck to the team/devs.

Together brothers


  • I heard that the capital ship takedown would be something like that. I did ask in one of my old posts that they should add more space vehicles, More ground vehicles and maybe like capital ship takedowns but in space with more planets or with a space factory station or the rocks in space (I don't know how to spell it). but yeah bro hopefully EA and Dice could make that. I pray on that lol. MTFBWY
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