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Arcade Updates with steps

A lot of people want great things in Arcade, and we were even more excited when Ben confirmed more Arcade content this year and a Community Transmission focused on Arcade...But, all devs are focused on Clone Wars content and the most I think they have managed to bring are now great maps or the promised large-scale mode of February (Thus leaving AI Heroes, AI Reinforcements, Starfighter Arcade Update and other fixes and improvements for later)...So I'm now posting upgrade steps to Arcade that do not mess up Clone Wars content, steps that go from the most requested content to the least I ordered:

Big Aditions

1- Large scale maps (modes): All Arcade fans want to enjoy great maps with offline vehicles, so I think in Arcade this should be the top priority ... they should bring the February Conquest style mode or even a TeamDeathMatch by full maps and vehicles (Ps : It is worth remembering that Dennis confirmed a large-scale mode for Arcade last year, shortly he confirmed that this mode is working)

2- New AI: After delivering great maps, I think Arcade's priority goes to "new AI, ie AI improvements ... they should improve for AI to run, jump, roll use more bombs, special weapons and even other weapons by pulling the primary ones (also use skins chosen by the player, something very order)

3- Starfighter Arcade Update: I think later they should give priority to players of ships, since others will be more distracted with large offline maps ... just as it has been promised, Starfighter Arcade must be turned into an Starfighter Assault offline, with objectives and 20v20

4- AI Heroes, AI Special: After the main ones, DICE should move to the "less important" ones (not that they are not important, they are very important, but they are not major) ... bringing AI of Heroes and reinforcements would give a complete experience to Arcade and would be equivalent to a multiplayer experience (Floor Arcade and ships)...It may even be difficult for DICE to program, especially AI Heroes, but it does not have to be perfect ... just by using only the basic skill (without using special abilities) would be great

Small Aditions:

1- 1v1: I know it's not as important as the other additions, most of you have been asking for 1v1 ... it would be nice to team Battle like a type of hunt (trying to kill a target) and imagine 1v1 on large-scale maps

2- Skin Selector: It would be nice to have a skin selector in Arcade, just like multiplayer, it's pretty annoying to have to go back to the menu to choose the skin ... and if you have, have all the skins unlocked equal to weapons and card

3- Time Selector: It would be great to have a timer in the Arcade for each map ... I do not like to play Endor at night, but sometimes I have to play because there's no way I can choose the time

Future Aditions:

1- Heroes vs Villains: I do not know if we will still have this, but if DICE is able to program AI Heroes, nothing would prevent a Heroes vs Villains offline, it would be awesome

2- Ewok Hunt: I think even Heroes vs. Villains is more likely to be added to Arcade than this, but it's not impossible ... even if it's a TeamDeathMatch of Ewoks vs Stromtroopers

3- Campaing maps and BF2015 maps in Arcade

Those are the things that would make Arcade a complete experience for me, and updating in steps would be a lot easier for developers ... what do you think? What would they change?


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