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Saber AI bot question

Why aren't there saber/hero AI bots? What are the developmental reasons? Is it because the way saber combat is a spam engagement or something completely different? Super curious, because I would really like to battle against heroes and villians in arcade.


  • Please devs? A simple answer will suffice, is it a development or resource issue?
  • Agreed. I would love that. Even if the bots werent that sophisticated, they could use numbers over intelligence.

    Another thing I would like to see would be just some simple Jedi styled dojo/temple arenas for Jedi vs sith and Jedi vs Jedi, sith vs sith combat.

    I mean really simple environments. Just a bigger version of the temple dojo that we see in Star Wars Rebels.
  • I think this is the one question devs avoid the most.
  • Yeah, AI is tough to script/program well. Development teams usually have people who specialize in game AI.

    I still think that this team could do it.
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