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Saber clash

Why isn't there a saber clash(not saber lock) or something that nullifies each attack instead of this spam nonsense combined with the melee stun lock that. Two saber attack at same time, sabers clash, no damage done to either opponent. Certain abilities should be done the same way. Hope you've taken this into consideration during the saber combat redevelopment.


  • CobraKaiSenpai
    213 posts Member
    edited January 16
    Do you mean where the sabres slide across each other?

    It needs to look like this (at 1:13):

  • Or this (41 seconds):

  • GrayOne
    406 posts Member
    edited January 16
    Yeah something like that, basically so we don't just stand there and hit each other with light sabers till only one stands. The whole block and stagger mechanic needs to be changed so its more fluid and about flanking getting position on your opponent to attack, but incorporate my attacks to do so, not interrupt my movement. Don't even get me started on melee stun locked, when you can't dodge of block and your stuck in that stupid animation.
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