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Suggestion: clone armour phase switching

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edited January 2019
Hello Devs!

How about switching between clone armour phase 1 and 2 in all PT maps? I mean: if the previous map had phase 1, then current map is phase 2, next one will be phase 1 again, and so on. Then the phase order will switch in the next pass, so that we can see both phases in all maps.
I think we don't need to see always the same phase for each map, don't you agree?

It would be something like this:

PT maps pass #1
Geonosis (Phase 1), Kashyyyk (Phase 2), Kamino (Phase 1), Naboo (Phase 2)

PT maps pass #2
Geonosis (Phase 2), Kashyyyk (Phase 1), Kamino (Phase 2), Naboo (Phase 1)

It is too hard to apply that?


Edited to put an example.
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