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[PC] JBS - Starfighter Squadron - Looking for more pilots.

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JBS "Jousting beyound the Stars" is Starfighter only Squadron. Squadron instead of Clan as we are a small group of players who play solely SA. Current members are:
  • JBS_Phantombolt
  • JBS_Speudi
  • JBS_Cpt_Vander
  • JBS_CptBrotzeit
  • JBS_Rabe1980
  • JBS_R0GR
Onlinetimes are:
  • irregular 8am - 9am CET (Time in Germany. This is 2am for America East Coast I think.)
  • regular 7pm - 8pm CET

As we are a squadron of daddies onlinetime is scarce. So we hop in, play some rounds, and then log off. Sometimes longer if we managed to win an SC, or there is a chance to ride a Y-wing over Fondor.

If you want to join us just add us in Origin and then join us in the fight. If you fit in we will add you in and count you one of us.
  • Age of 20+ years
  • Exclusion if you are an offspring of an existing Member.
  • Hit that OBJECTIVE! Everyone can simply rack up kills. We like to actually win a round.
  • Be positive, no swearing. At least not in public channels. ;)

For coordination we run totally oldschool a whatsapp group. So no website, discord channel, forum etc.
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