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December CC

[PC] Looking for Clan or Group to Play with [18+]

Looking for a good PC clan or group to play with multiple modes

Mature players 18+ preferred

Voice Chat or Have Mic [English]



  • Check us out on We have a big Battlefront group but also play multiple games on team speak..
  • TalonnD
    37 posts Member
    edited February 11
    Check out IGF. Our age range varies but a majority of our members are 20's-30's. <ost of our members are US based but we do have members from all over.

    We use discord

    and our website is

    also feel free to add me on origin IGF_TalonnD_654

    We are a large and active clan and we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary in November this year.
  • AOD is a mature gaming community that has been around since 1999, and has an active member base of over 3000 players throughout multiple gaming divisions.

    We have members from both the USA and EU, all over the globe!

    We have over a 150 active Battlefront II players, regularly host fun in-game events to spice up the game, and we enjoy having a laugh over playing competitively.

    We use Teamspeak for our communication and we're vocal while playing.

    Apply at and add me (AOD_Ninety) on Origin for more info.

    Pretty sure I sent you a friend request though!
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