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Can you improve the vehicles in PC? They are useless!

I never use vehicles (except AT-ST) because of how bad they are implemented on PC.
- It's imposible to aim properly with all of them because the sight is always moving quickly. I used the BARC, STAP and other motorbikes and are horrible. Worths nothing. And if you wanna turn around you will expend much time moving the mouse.
- Same happens with AT-RT and AAT. The AAT is no longer feared, its main cannon has a lot of sensibility and again imposible to aim. The health of that tank is pretty low too.

I think this kind of stuff is better made on consoles, since I used my PS3 pad for controlling the Speeder of Crait (with mouse is just move around) and I was able even aim properly.

But do I have to use my pad in order to control vehicles? i'm pretty well with AT-ST, and don't wanna change between mouse and pad any time I wanna use vehicles.

So I think this game doesn't have Mouse Support for Vehicles such as VLPI, Speeders, Motorbikes... It would be great it you can improve them @F8RGE in order to have more fun in the game.


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