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If You Could Be a Member of One Star Wars Species, Which One Would You Choose?

I myself am alternating between Zabrak (which is Darth Maul’s species) and Yoda’s species. I’m alternating because every member of Yoda’s species in both legends and canon has been a force user, but we don’t actually know if that is something every member of his species is. And if you were a member of Yoda’s species and couldn’t use the force, you would be at a huge disadvantage to every other species because of the Yoda’s species’ small legs (not good for running or jumping) and small arms (you would be at a reach disadvantage when using a lightsaber). The reasons I would want to be part of Yoda’s species are that they have extremely long life, and that they are very small (wouldn’t it be awesome to be as hard to hit in the real world as Yoda is in this game?). If wasn’t force sensitive, I would choose to be a Zabrak. They have increased speed, strength, and durability, so that would all be very useful, since if I couldn’t be a Jedi I would probably be a bounty hunter. How about you guys?


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