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More realistic feel of animals, droids and features in maps

Hello Dice and EA and everyone on forums. I was wondering if you could make the GA maps more realistic feel for star wars fans to see the life of star wars. every time I'm in the battlefront I have always feel that I have to rush to the objective or be at the objective for my teammates to spawn on me and I never had the chance to look around and enjoy the sights of the planet's lifestyle of nature. some people can mock me, tell me what I'm doing or say I'm weird but all I wanted to do is live the star wars fantasy and feel like I'm actually there like star wars park in Disney. one time I created a club on Xbox called the Imagination Star Wars for people who see star wars as a reality of life lol. but yeah if you could make more features in those maps. maybe everyone could stop for a minute or maybe 5 minutes to look and interact and feel that the star wars battlefront 2 maps is a different worlds than Earth is to compare it. if you think this is a good idea for star wars fans and those who want to roleplay or if you think this is not a good idea and we just stick with the gameplay and leveling up? I just want Star Wars Battlefront 2 to be that star wars game where you can enjoy the sight seeing, driving your favorite vehicles and using the star wars characters and living the moment of feeling that star wars is real to me as it is and that's how George Lucas wanted "STAR WARS" to be... something that as humans never see or know what's real and not what's real. and yes I'm a big star wars fan nerd and no I don't wear classes or act like a nerd No! I'm just expressing my like passion but its George Lucas passion not mine. and I want to say thank you George Lucas for making STAR WARS real and not knowing star wars is really fun, exciting and adventurous. MTFBWY everyone!
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