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The Starwars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack needs a better title and description

I recently bought the SWB Ultimate Upgrade Pack from the Xbox store thinking from the title that it was an upgrade to the base game. Unfortunately I found out too late that all it does is unlock everything that I had already unlocked. I had effectively spent my money on nothing. Not being an avid gamer myself, I did not realize that this sort of option of getting unearned features was something that was sold. I looked at that reviews for the Upgrade Pack and there was review after review with people who had obviously fallen in the same trap I had. I have reported the situation with some suggested changes to EA. The online chat advisor, Michael A., said he was sending my concern up the line and at the same time he suggested I post my concern and suggestions to this forum to see if others agree, or have even run into the same situation themselves. I believe that EA should change the title to something like "SWB Ultimate Feature Unlock Pack". Also, they should clearly put a disclaimer up front in the description that the pack only unlocks current game features before they are earned and will not actually add new features to the base game. There is already a thread on this forum about whether the pack should exist in the first place, so here I am just asking if people agree with my suggestions, or have run into the situation themselves.
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