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[removed] is going on with the dubbing in this GAME????

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I am spanish and it is so embarrasing to hear all my favourites characters with not the proper voice. It is just a random one that doesn't fit NOTHING with the character.

I heard the German Community had this problem with Obi-Wan. Spanish people also. Maybe other communities. I see this disrespectul for the fandom from non-english languages. It is outrageous.
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  • Zyder
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    And now with Dooku, it is worst.
  • Maybe provide some audio examples?
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  • Zyder
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    Piscettios wrote: »
    Maybe provide some audio examples?

    The voice of Dooku is not from the movies, even not from TCW. It is horrible.
  • Zyder
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    Are the other communities OK with Dooku's Voice?
  • Evo911
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    Not at all, it is a disaster.
    As already mentionned french's voice of kenobi is a mess, and now dooku's voice is also not the original one.
    Moreover the original french voice of dooku was exceptional, a grave and calm voice fiting the character perfectly. This one is pathetic.

    I assume we cannot expect anything more, any add or updates results in lot of bugs and frustration anyway.

    Just wondering if they are living on the same planet..
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