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They "NERFED" (BUG fixing) Palpatine! HOORAY! This is not a Joke

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So, there was a BUG related to Chain Lightning which behaved as follows:

When using Chain Lightning while using either the single handed or dual handed lightning attack, not only the attack would continue normally (like with any of his abilities actually), but if you let go of the attack buttons, he would still attack for a time.

However, the catch here is that, because of this, Palpatine could attack people while being tossed away, stunned, and even dead. The only thing needed was his aim to be in range of an enemy target while the bug was active (don't ask me how this was possible while he was dead, but I have footage of this happening).

They fixed this. Now his Chain Lightning attack behaves just like his other skills: If you are attacking and while attacking use Chain Lightning, it won't mess with your attack at all, and if you stop using the attack buttons, it'll stop the attack normally. Also, he can't attack people while being tossed away, stunned, or dead anymore.

Thank you, and thanks DICE
Tired of BUGs?
Well, they'll still exist.
But visit the Rogue Bros Channel, there we document many BUGs and possible workarounds for them. There's also gameplay and other videos related to EA's Star Wars Battlefront (I & II)


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