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Stop asking for minor characters

374 posts Member
This is a Star Wars game based on the movies. Yes, the movies!! But most important, it is based on the Skywalker Saga. Episodes I to IX and spin offs.

I liked the Solo movie and Rogue One is one of my favourite from the saga. I also would love to see a Rogue One season, but do we really need Baze Malbus or Chirrut? (I just would like Jyn and Krennic, and maybe Cassian since he is going to have major protagonism).

In Solo season? Did we really need Enfys Nest or Dryden Vos?

We really need important characters such as Qui-Gon and Mace Windu (Obi-Wan's master and one of the most powerful Jedis of the Council). Also, I would ask for Ventress and Ashoka (yeah, both are important, one is Skywalker's Apprentice and the other is the sith assassin padawan of Dooku).

But I won't touch anything of Rebels. No one is important for the Skywalker Saga. And I would remove Bossk from the game. Maybe Boba Fett but he is so overrated by the fandom.


  • Mother Talzin please.

    (Don’t tell me what to ask for thanks)
  • Zyder
    374 posts Member
    Phyrebrat wrote: »
    Mother Talzin please.

    (Don’t tell me what to ask for thanks)

    You can ask whatever you want. But think on how the devs bring content to the game.
  • DCDT
    152 posts Member
    Wrong! We have to move away from "important" characters and focus more on different and interesting abilities. Bring on BT-1!
  • I'll ask for what i want. Thanks for your opinions though. I'll be sure to remember it as it throw it in the trash.

  • IronSoldier
    3525 posts SWBF Senior Moderator
    The community and users are allowed to suggest whichever characters they want from the star wars universe. As long as it is presented in a non rule breaking fashion.. it's all good. What one person likes, another might not.. but that's okay. We're human.
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