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Star Wars Fan-Film

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edited January 30
Has anyone seen this Fan-Film made by (Star Wars Theory) it's was fantastic! it takes place 8 Months after The Revenge of the Sith. Disney you better look and

Another good one to check out: Darth Maul Apprentice


  • Saw the Vader one a while back, and I think it’s bloody dreadful. I mean, it’s well done and I really appreciate the passion, but all in all it’s just cringey and one big fan service. Nope, not for me at all.
  • WarfareKiller41
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    edited January 31
    Vader fan film was alright. It had its moments like the fight between Vader and the Clones, but some parts felt off like Palpatine, the flashback between Young Anakin and Padme, etc. So overall it was okay, not going to say its better than the PT or ST though.
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