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Moving Forward...So What's Next? ( Map Ideas )

With Geonosis now in the rearview mirror, I thought it would be a good time to throw out some ideas for the next map to be released. Holpefully we'll continue to get more content, I for one am hoping for additional Arcade content ( game modes ), but I did want to throw out some ideas for the next big map...

1. Utapau - Droid Army vs Clone Army from Episode 3

2. Coruscant - ( Chancellor Palaptine's Kidnapping ) - Droid Army vs Clone Army from Episode 3 - ( I'm sure a lot of people would actually want Clones vs Jedi, but this might be too mch to ask. Having the map set during Chancellor Palpatine's kidnapping would let the devs use the Droid and Clone Armies already in the game. )

3. Location from Episode 9 - I imagine there will be a map released for Episode 9's promotion.

What are your idea's?


  • budzai
    101 posts Member
    edited January 30
    I just want to play Scarif infiltration again.
  • Anything thats not PT or CW related.
  • Can we please get more Extraction maps!?!?
    How about the B-Wing and TIE Defender??
    Incorporate maps from the campaign into various game modes...
  • coruscant would be cool if it would somehow start in the underground and then get to the jedi temple (dunno if its possible but would be cool)
  • willywonka7
    1505 posts Member
    edited January 31
    Agree with all of these.....I also hope that if they get on top of the hero bugs and other game bugs finally that they would divert effort into bringing back some of the old maps from Battlefront 1 in between releases of new maps.

    I would like all the old maps from Outer Rim DLC, Bespin DLC, and Rogue One DLC from battlefront 1. I didn't like the deathstar 1 maps because they were too small and it was just a linear corridor with two sides hallways on either side. I didn't really like the deathstar dlc and hope that they don't bring it back.

    I just want them to bring back the R2-D2 extraction from deathstar dlc and add that to a new map to the game. Maybe also do a BB-8 extraction map too. These would be added to extraction as a unique variation to the game mode.
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  • I also think that they should squeeze in some droid stuff too......I mean this is Star Wars and droids are just as important!

    In addition to my R2-D2 & BB-8 extraction ideas above, I think that Dice also needs to focus on adding more droid content by doing the following:
    1. Add K2S0 & IG-88 has hero and villian characters to the game
    2. Add K2S0 & IG-88 hero ships to starfighter assault
    3. Add droids activated via star cards that can be deployed like in Battlefront 1. They scan the nearby area,move around randomly within that small area, and can also shoot enemy targets when they are close enough. There are several star cards in each class that can easily be replaced with droids because no one ever uses these star cards. Assault flash pistol can be replaced, specialist repulsor cannon, officer homing shot, heavy can lose the supercharged sentry because the regular sentry is better than the supercharged now.

    For anyone that doesn't know who K2S0 are and IG-88

    In addition they can also create skins for the droids, so that you can change how your droid looks.
  • I would love ig88 sniper bounty hunter. But mostly would just like the untapau map and the fighting on the streets of corusant when general grievous kidnapped the chanselor that would be awesome.
  • AW_Cramer wrote: »
    Can we please get more Extraction maps!?!?
    How about the B-Wing and TIE Defender??
    Incorporate maps from the campaign into various game modes...

    I mentioned this in another chat, but maybe empire pushing Han Solo in Carbonite to Slave I (Boba Fett's ship) on Bespin with the cloud city perosnnel/rebels trying to halt it
  • Ideas: bring back death star and Rogue one maps from first game, especially the long modes with the trench run and getting the DS plans out of scarif. Another thing I'd like is to have the ability to take down AT-ATs with snowspeeders, at least on Hoth like in the movies. That was one of the most fun things about battlefront 1, was the specialized modes for Rogue one and death star and being able to feel like you were in the Empire Strikes Back
  • bfloo
    15009 posts Member
    You can take down AT-At's with speeders on Hoth
    The Knights of Gareth are Eternal

    Pirate of the Knights of Gareth


  • -Utapau (with Varactyl, Vehicle Grievous, Crab Droid)
    -Naboo Plains (with Gungan Army)
    -Otho Gungan
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