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New to the game... servers appear to be empty

8 posts Member
edited January 31
Hey everyone,

So, I'm trying to play on multiplayer mode, but after trying several modes, i always get thrown in servers where "players needed" is a number higher than 7 or so.

The standard ping for me is the brazilian one. I have tried to switch to EUA, Virginia, but I haven't found any difference.

Are the servers really super empty, or am I doing something wrong? Is it normal to wait long until the "players needed" number drops and the game starts?

I'm on PC


  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    edited February 4
    Prolly the matchmaking system. Get out of that map and go back in to the mode. The MMS is still quite buggy.

  • Yes, thanks. It's something in the servers, not in my PC. Sometimes I end up in a map without any player, then I queue again and there's a full server. They should fix this.

    Anyhoo, thanks. :)
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