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Devs can you please stop having these cheap bp 9 hero events in GA? Or at least give players the option to play regular GA as well. The maps are not designed to have all these heroes active and in one spot. It makes completing certain objectives on some maps nearly impossible. As much as I enjoy banging my head against a wall every now and then, this event is just stupid.


  • Agreed. Wee need two playlists for GA. One as is and for events and the other era restricted. The last weekend showed that smaller amouts of heroes provide a more balanced experience.
  • Give it it’s own playlist.

    Many people like it equally as people don’t.
  • I agree with the give us a choice. I've complained about this and even suggested having a non-hero event in GA, just the regular grunts and enforcers.(plus vehicles). All I get told is to go play blast or strike, but none of those are 20 vs 20. Having a choice of which one to play would be nice.
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