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Hero improvements to already good heroes in GA

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edited February 11
There're a few heroes that are good already but i feel they could be better in GA.

1.Vader- buff force choke OR one shot troopers except heavy when focused rage is on.

2.Boba-increase HP to 600 and make concusion missile better.

3.Dooku- fix duelist bug and increase lightning stun range a little bit.

4.Grievous-make unrelenting advance one shot all troopers by default OR you can run while using unrelenting advance.

5.Luke-buff repulse

6.Obi Wan-increase all.out push dmg,longer mind trick duration and make that you can jump out of the foward dash.

7. Lando-buff his pistol and smoke grenade

8. Maul-increase saber throw dmg to 200
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