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HvV rage quitting

Too many times, once or team goes down by me than one point in HvV, half of our team decides to rage quit instead of try to come back and win. This usually leaves me abduct 4 other players with only one other teammate, or sometimes even fighting alone. This isn't any fun at all, and there should either be a penalty system to discourage quitting midgame, an AI that takes over when your teammate leaves, or both


  • johnny_mercury
    4161 posts Member
    edited February 3
    If my teammates aren't sticking together or they're sightseeing, emoting to the wall, etc AND we're quickly down by a couple of tickets, I'm going to leave. If my team is trying but not very good, I stick it out.
  • Andrien
    194 posts Member
    edited February 3
    It's because they need to do away with the target system. It's been discussed by many players including veterans. No one wants to be the target because no one defends you. Players will simply commit suicide making someone else the target, and that doesn't give that player enough time to prepare a defense It's very rare to be placed on a team that works well together and coordinates attack and defense of the target. The other thing I often ask is if I've got 3 to 4 enemy players on me, where is the rest of my team? Wth are they doing? And if it happens more than 2 or 3 times during the match, yeah I'm going to leave and find a better match. If the players on my team have half a brain and are coordinating well, I'll stay the match.
  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    edited February 4
    Personally I think that anyone in game should have their "quit" privileges suspended for the match. The only exception is if they disconnect from the EA server. I don't care if they just stand there and get killed over and over. It will get old pretty quickly and they'll either not join or tough it out until the end of the match. Better yet, "learn" to play WITH your team mates.
    If EA doesn't wnant to do that then suspend the game until the sides are balanced again.
    I can't count how many times I've played with newbs who thought because they were a hero they could take on another hero or likely several alone. I try to help them out and of course we lose, but I end up the only one of my side on the podium because I was in the fight, I didn't hide or try to get an easy kill. I got in it, died and went back for more... That is how you learn to survive and succeed in this mode.
    The purpose of the "target" tag is to speed up gameplay, so the other side knows where the enemy is, approximately. I've seen it used to great advantage lately, by teams who use it as "bait" and then blind side you. You used to get a shiny achievement for killing a target, but I haven't seen that in forever. If you are a target, don't worry about it. Just stick close to a team mate, if you go off on your own, then you are just asking to be killed.

  • Andrien
    194 posts Member
    edited February 4

    I completely disagree with you on this topic. Players have repeatedly asked for the target system to be removed. It doesn't matter how good you are or have anything to do with learning to play with your team. Especially when players on Boba Fett just fly around, or Maul players run around the entire match. Both of them are nearly impossible to catch. In addition to that, your on a pug team most of the time that you can't communicate with.

    There are also numerous exploits in the game where the target can hide for the entire round until the target on the opposing team is killed. Punishing players by not allowing them to quit would cause further frustration and discouragement from playing HvV. Players wouldn't play HvV or they'd just reset their PS4, or cut their internet connection.

    Besides that, HvV isn't exactly one of the more popular game modes. Even though I've become proficient at it, I mainly use it to level up heroes when they are introduced. Even then, it's a grueling experience. For some reason, you always end up being the target and you get ganked by 3-4 players and your team doesn't come to assist. Doesn't matter how good you are, you're not going to survive against 3-4 other players w.o help from your team. The mode simply isn't worth playing with the target system. It's been heavily criticized. It's a bad system; it needs to be removed.

    Refer to this topic which players discuss the removal of the target system:

    Watch this video where Darth Maul just runs around the entire round on HvV Hoth. The Chewie player racks up an impressive amount of kills but him and his team unable to catch Maul:

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  • Depending on your system there are ways to prevent this. On Xbox Live you can report people for quitting early. They will 100% get banned if you include the date , time, game, gamemode, map , characters and situation they left in. You can report teammates and enemies for this.
  • Depending on your system there are ways to prevent this. On Xbox Live you can report people for quitting early. They will 100% get banned if you include the date , time, game, gamemode, map , characters and situation they left in. You can report teammates and enemies for this.

    Not sure how true that is........but if it is then I'm 100% glad that I don't play on XBOX and I'm glad I bought a PS4. What a stupid system, especially when this game doesn't notify you outside of GA when your going to get kicked for waiting for a game to get filled up because it's too empty to start the game and your sitting there waiting for the game to start not touching your controller.

    Sounds like you are being overly controlled my a dictatorship, rather than playing in a welcome open gaming community. Also take into consideration that the matchmaking in this game forces you to play on teams chosen by the matchmaking system to guarantee you will lose before the game has even started. They do this to keep player engagement high. It's easy to tell because there are so many games where the teams are stacked with new/noob players on one side and the other side has like 10-12 decent to high skilled players. Why would I want to be forced to play that game or stay in that game and get streamrolled with the rest of the team. Who cares if that person quits mid game maybe they had to go, maybe they don't like playing with you anymore or the "team", maybe they don't want to have to carry the whole team, maybe their internet connection crashed. I feel sorry for you playing on Xbox. Xbox shouldn't be banning people from playing all games if the game itself has some poor design or broken matchmaking system.
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