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Lightsaber heroes can't deal damage(and cannot deflect it) of speeders...

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edited February 3
There should be a possibility to counter it being lightsaber hero...


  • AbyssWatch3r
    4974 posts Member
    edited February 5
    Yeah, on endor no Hero is a match for a speeder bike, not even emperor palpatine. Its pathetic.
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  • Now that heroes can damage turrets, we really need a way for heroes to counter speeders and tanks. It could simply be swinging a saber when close enough or a quicktime event like when Spartans take down tanks in halo. It would be so useful and prevent a 200 point speeder from taking down a 6,000 point hero so easily. The heroes at least need a fighting chance!
  • EliteNicholas
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    edited March 5
    Not just the speeders, but the AT-RTs and the tanks too.
    Force abilities mentioned here are those that already do damage (force choke, force push etc.)

    Suggested damage taken to destroy vehicles:

    Speeders: One lightsaber hit or force ability

    AT-RTs: Two lightsaber hits, or two force abilities, or one lightsaber hit with one force ability

    Tanks: Any combination of 10 lightsaber hits and force abilities
    - Tanks can thus do 100 damage per hit (getting knocked) and for every other second to heroes

    Players can then work together to take down a tank too! Some added teamwork initiative!

    May the Force be with you.
  • brienj
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    Stay near the troops you are supposed to be protecting/defending (an Assault trooper can take one out easily with an ION grenade), instead of spawn killing to inflate your killstreak numbers, or pick Han Solo for your Hero.
  • AT-RTs: Two lightsaber hits, or two force abilities, or one lightsaber hit with one force ability

    You're aware you only need to jump and swing at the pilot 2-3 times to kill them, right? AT-RT is the least threatening thing to a saber in the game right now.
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