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Arcade mode could & can be more.

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Arcade mode has so much potential, it could be everything a star wars fan needs when ur not in the mood for online. As of right now, arcade needs much bigger maps, 1-4 player online
co-op like Onslaught with 4 friends against a.i. & adding the other 2 classes jetpack & enforcers to fight along with the other 4 classes & adding the cinematics like the droids, creatures & civilians that we see in Galactic Assault to make it feel more submerged in the world. Maybe add At-St' s & Speeders for us to play & destroy. I love playing online by myself & with friends but i have days I just want to play single player & be one of the hero's so I can feel like I'm a hero. I don't get that feeling most the time online when I'm a hero. Killed so fast or game ends the second i spawn lol. Arcade let's me feel like a hero but it's just so limited I can't go anywhere. So i hope Bf2 can make it happen. If this could be possible, then playing bf2 would be the only game I would play. On & offline. I love this game & hoping for the best & the future for Bf2.
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