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Arcade mode could & can be more.

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edited February 4
Arcade mode has so much potential, it could be everything a star wars fan needs when ur not in the mood for online. As of right now, arcade needs much bigger maps, 1-4 player online
co-op like Onslaught with 4 friends against a.i. & adding the other 2 classes jetpack & enforcers to fight along with the other 4 classes & adding the cinematics like the droids, creatures & civilians that we see in Galactic Assault to make it feel more submerged in the world. Maybe add At-St' s & Speeders for us to play & destroy. I love playing online by myself & with friends but i have days I just want to play single player & be one of the hero's so I can feel like I'm a hero. I don't get that feeling most the time online when I'm a hero. Killed so fast or game ends the second i spawn lol. Arcade let's me feel like a hero but it's just so limited I can't go anywhere. So i hope Bf2 can make it happen. If this could be possible, then playing bf2 would be the only game I would play. On & offline. I love this game & hoping for the best & the future for Bf2.
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  • Titus_Omega
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    Why is it that no-one seems to care about arcade mode. U can do so much with it. I would love to have the option of playing with up to 4 friend's on team death match & onslaught against the a.i. U could have a huge option of stuff to choose from like naboo, tatooine or starkiller base from all 3 era's & choose ifu want the clone wars, the empire or the first order to fight in with light/dark hero's u decide, make it look just like galatic assualt, with the droids, animals/creatures, aliens & civilians to make it feel like a star wars world. The arcade mode we have available now is so small & limited u can't do anything & go anywhere. After a few matches u get bored/fagited. I love this game so much that I only want the best from it. I have alot of friends & family that agree with me. Online is a blast but arcade mode would destroy all other star wars games if it was what we want. Please tell me I'm right or wrong. With much respect lol. I'm a huge fan trust me. Just could be more that's all I'm saying. Love this game, the movies & those that follow the force.
  • Maliainu
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    🥺 I care.

    But what I care about doesn’t matter. The people who should care are the higher-ups (aka devs)
  • Titus_Omega
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    edited May 11
    That's great u care. Feel like the only1. I play online alot & arcade mode 1nc in awhile. So disappointed with it after I do. Think about all the things they could do with it. It could blow the campaign out of the water. Fans would still play online even if arcade mode got fixed. The point is that ppl play the game regardless of online.
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