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Dice Feedback on Reducing the Shock abilities in Game

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Dice I understand that you are working to reduce the duration of the shock abilities in game. This is going to drastically affect the lightside over the darkside if you aren't careful.

The lightside has always been and still remains to be the weaker side. If you drastically shorten the shock abilities this will affect both Chewy and Lando the most, which are really helpful characters to prevent your team from getting completely steamrolled by the darkside. I understand that maybe the shock abilities needs a small reduction in shock time, but I always knew of multiple ways to prevent myself from getting completely killed by the shock.

Dice please give the blaster hero's these buffs if you do actually go through with shortening the shock durations. The shock is really useful for preventing Maul, Boba, Emperor from running around the map constantly. It also helps to prevent steamrolling the lightside which has been causing lots of people to quite the lightside half through most every game. I say this now because it's already happening a lot when playing on the lightside and it will only get worse if you shorten the shock duration. Only iden will be affected on darkside by shock duration decrease, but as most people play sith characters on the darkside she still isn't really at a disadvantage with a shorter shock. This is due to the fact that sith lords can block jedi's for iden or use numerous sith abilities to stop the jedi from obliterating iden. I've never seen a HvV game where the darkside played as Boba, Phasma, Boba, Iden which would be the only game that a shortened shock duration would actually punish iden. I've played probably thousands of HvV games and I've never seen this game play out. This would be the only match that iden would have major problems with a shortened shock duration.

Please give blaster heros:
  • farther distance on blaster pistols to hit targets (heavy trooper weapons can hit people all the way across the map in naboo but you can't even hit people with hero blaster pistols 1/4 distance across map in naboo, except for leia secondary fire). This will be really helpful in defeating darkside characters that constantly run around the map, like maul, boba, & emperor.
  • please allow them to shoot faster
  • please decrease the spread on the blaster pistol shots when being fired rapidly in succession
  • please also decrease the time that it takes to activate abilities like Han rapid fire and Finn undercover boss
  • Decrease animation time to activate chewy bowcaster overheat and decrease animation time for ground slam if you jump into the air first.It should be almost instantaneously instead of like 2seconds as it is right now.
  • Change leia flashbang to effects of officer flashbang before the nerf. Switch leia shield ability in HvV & Hero Showdown or at least allow her the option to deactivate shield, like phasma and iden can deactivate droid and shield.

I feel like there are just a lot of people that don't know how to prevent themselves from getting destroyed by the shock grenade and are now just complaining to get it nerfed instead of learning new tactics to avoid/cancel the shock or get around the ability. Here are several tactics that can be used to cancel the ability of the shock.
  1. Right when lando or chewy activate shock abilities or iden......JUMP IN THE AIR. It makes you a much harder target to hit when you are gliding back to the ground because it's hard for blaster heros to quickly transition aimer above them. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They generally will only be able to get a few hits on you if you learn to properly use this.
  2. IF you are maul or kylo you can choke throw or freeze chewy/lando at the same time that they shock you which will prevent them from shooting you. Doesn't work obviously if their teammates come and shoot you from behind.
  3. Iden has a shield..........activate it before getting shocked. Again HELLO they can't shoot you if your shield is activated right before you get shocked you can almost activate at the same time they throw the ability out. You have to have a slight prediction as to when they might throw out the shock because sometimes you don't have enough animation time to fully activate the shield in time without canceling the ability, but it just takes a little practice with iden to learn when.
  4. IF you are kylo and you see teammates about to get shocked go freeze lando/chewy for your team. If you see someone about to get shocked by iden do the same and force push iden or shock iden simultaneously.
  5. You can jump up onto a higher ledge or quickly dodge behind a wall or object and the shock doesn't work, as long as you place the object between you and the shock.
  6. You can see chewy's shock coming and lando throw out shock grenade too, as both are pretty obvious animations. Only iden's droid can be hard to see as it is very small, flies out quickly and because it block tends to get mixed in with the background colors on dark(night) maps or shaded parts of map. Also lando's shock if already laid out scrambles your radar as an enemy so just watch radar regularly and if you are within the scramble zone, then you are with the shock zone too.
  7. The best tactic of all to cancel a shock..........TEAMWORK. Not even chewy and lando's shock can stop a fully effective team. Just learn to work with your teammates and feed off of them. They might not be working well as a team, but you can still work and play off of them if they don't play off of you. Trust me I now I have probably a thousand HvV games that I've played and while the shock grenade can be irritating it most certainly doesn't spell doom for your entire team especially the darkside.

I mean the shock ability of all characters lasts no where near the duration of kylo's freeze. Kylo's freeze is the worst because the duration allows any noob to come and shoot you until you are dead. The duration of the shock abilities is no where near as long as the freeze ability. You have to land every shot on the head really quickly with a shock and you don't with the freeze.
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