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February Community Calendar



  • Well I think that’s past hope it comes tomorrow
  • Well I think that’s past hope it comes tomorrow

    It still hasn’t come out. Hopefully the CT will come out tomorrow, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday.
    Add more Extraction and Hunt maps please!

    What the ROADMAP should look like for 2019:
    “Season” 4: Rogue One
    “Season” 5: Clone Wars Revival
    “Season” 6: Episode IX
  • If it doesn’t come out by tomorrow then they have seriously set **** back because it was ment to come out Saturday just gone then they pushed it to Monday they are just so utterly **** with communication like if they can’t get it out just bloody say instead of going oh when we having something you will know beating round the bush like if this is how they communicate with the public god forbid how they communicate with one another no wonder **** ain’t getting done better communication in a old people’s home
  • Ok kids calm down now i know santa promised you all these toys but you have to learn patience you will get what he promised here's some coco puffs in the meantime...
  • Content delayed? CTs postponed? Who cares? At least we’re gonna get an emote wheel 😆
  • I've been looking forward to this...

    I honestly think the Light Side needs a VERY strong and aggressive hero.

    Whilst I do worry a little when I see Chewie blasting away, Han chucking a grenade, or Obi Wan/Rey steaming towards me, (and Luke is great but I tend to see players using him defensively) they do need a FULL ON aggressive hero.

    The Dark Side have General Grievous who is a beast. Vadar is pretty much a tank. Bossk is a beast. Palpatine is aggressive in the right hands. Maul is super fast, acrobatic and aggressive. Dooku tends to be controlled but he is strong and his force lightning is a damn good ability.

    I just hope Anakin makes people who are playing think 'oh ****, might struggle here'....he's not a massively tall character like Grievous but if he runs and attacks aggressively with high damage it'll work!
  • where is my jango and padme??
  • i'm going to be that one disgruntled player and say..

    b o r i n g.

    waits for march for "real" content.
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  • Spoil armored officers is still a thing right? O.o
  • They should have left it at "winter" and they could still meet expectations.
  • EA devs complaining about "red tape", lol...
  • willywonka7
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    edited February 14
    How come the night mode for each of the maps doesn't play that often anymore??? Were they reduced to make us miss those maps settings more and make us want to play the event more on 17th&18th? Or is it just a problem with the probability calculations for generating those maps?

    I haven't gotten to play night mode on Tattooine, Naboo, Kashyyk, and (Day mode) for Endor in a long time!
  • Mine plays night mode every time am on them maps it’s alternitive between night and day
  • where is my jango and padme??

    Ayy Lmao 🐱‍👤
  • Cheyyen
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    edited February 19
    @everyonecomplaining yeah, EA is a bad and evil company but you know what is the real problem of gaming? Entitled and complaining pr**ks with a complete lack of patience like you. You do realize that when you ask for changes (to combat, heroes, balancing etc) and fixes those need to be applied to everything they already did or ARE DOING/PREPARING for the future (titan mode, Anakin and future updates they are working on)? Any hero (including upcoming ones), lightsabers updates,any weapon, any star card, ANY NEW BALANCING has to be tested against every hero, weapon, starcard on all maps in all modes in every possible situation! So stop behaving like entitled princes and princessess (especially rude ones) because, especially in this case, you are not entitled to anything - udpates and new content for this game are free. Other companies would move on to other projects, besides they have other mess to control (B5). If you like Star Wars listen to Yoda: patience. Too much Sith in the community.
  • Now that night ops event is over are we going to get higher probabilities of playing the night maps again?????

    It feels like you removed them from the game Dice just to make us want to play the 17th & 18th event more.
  • Check it out!


    Is the Chosen One map rotation for all game modes of just GA?
  • Instead of a weekend with even cheaper vehicles, how about a weekend in GA with NO vehicles? No speeders, AT-ATs (orbital strikes recharge WAY to fast), AT-RTs, LAATs, gunshipes, no stafing, tanks, etc... Vehicles are already very cheap and easy to get. If an officer can get enough points at the initial spawn without even moving and respawn into a speeder then something tells me that they are already to cheap. Yes, maps like Crait where speeders are a bigger part of the 1st wave they may be missed but I think it would balance out with no AT-STs in the hanger.

    Also, I want a weekend were every regular class character and rocket trooper is a pancake face regardless of class and wookies are behemoth pancake faces. That would really fun. Dark side could all be droids as I do enjoy their banter quite a bit.
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