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HvV Hero Balance [Rey/Palps/Obi/Maul]

I've been playing nearly since launch and I thought heroes would get balanced in a year time, but it seems like not. I mean, there was some cool buffs and nerfs (I'm looking at you Chewie and Palps) but I think there's still some issues with the heroes from launch (and some with the new ones). Take in account a big part of the following statements are SUBJECTIVE (just my opinion), and I can respect you don't agree with them as videogame balance is always a matter of point of view.

· Rey: I mean, you can search it up, everyone sayed Rey was op since launch, and I'm aware she got kinda nerfed, but she still feels way too strong. She's almost as fast as Luke, her dash makes her even faster and knocks you down (plus the huge ammount of damage it already deals), she has one of (if not the) fastest attack animations, she can use her main ability while runing (which no other lightsaber hero/villain can), her mind trick won't allow you to sprint, you can't dodge for around 3 seconds when she hits you once (which makes it impossible to survive her with a blaster villain or Maul), and most importantly (and this is the main reason I'm complaining), her lightsaber swings can hit you from 5 meters (15 feet) away, even if you are in air. I think she would feel right if the three last things were fixed, but currently, no matter if you are playing HvV or GA, getting spotted by a maxed out Rey means instant death.

· Obi-Wan: He just feels like a weaker version of Rey since the day he got released. Besides his force push (which is still bugged and really situational for it's narrow area), their abilities are just the same (but Obi's are weaker): a dash that deals damage (Rey's can one-shot-kill troopers, knocks survivors down and makes her run faster; Obi's makes him run slower, and even though it deflects blasters, it needs a star card equipped to one-shot-kill troopers), and an annoying mind trick. The mind trick is something I really like from Obi Wan as it's a really original idea, but still needs a buff: it's really useful agains the annoying villains like Palpatine and Iden, but absolutely useless against lightsaber users. I think just making his mind trick prevent enemies from jumping would make him a better threat to the enemies, and combined with a dash buff (like making it faster or making it knock down enemies) would make him an actual oponent to Dooku, Grievous and Vader (which currently can melt him down in seconds).

· Palpatine: It's not about the character himself, but his bugs (except my final complaint). I, as an Obi Wan player, have noticed how fast he can melt saber heroes, as both his dark aura and chained lightning can go through blocks and deal a lot of damage. I have sometimes experienced a bug in which I get hit once by a chained lightning and seconds later I get another hit (not only making me unable to regenerate health, but also dealing plenty of damage). I have tried out Palps multiple times, and if I would complain about the character (and how maxed-out tryhards play him) it would be his annoying jumping playstyle. We've all faced that guy that mains Palpatine and will always keep jumping and dodging. I think most gameplay complains about how op he is would end up by giving him a blaster hero jump instead of jumping 3 meters into the air and then floating, or maybe, making him unable to attack while jumping.

· Maul: Same as Obi, feels weak since release, and a weaker version of Luke. Also same as Obi, has got similar abilities to his stronger version, and different bugged ability. The saber throw has never worked since it became bugged in the March 2018 progression rework update. I think the dash and his choke are some pretty decent abilities (I would say they're some of my favourites), but the fact he can't deflect attacks and his saber throw is useless make him the weakest saber hero in the game (imo). I think he should be able to, opposite to Yoda, be only able to deflect saber attacks and not blaster bolts, and I think his saber throw could be fixed (and buffed) by Maul throwing the saber in a horizontal way instead of vertical (This: [ --- ] instead of this: [ | ]) so it would hit enemies most of the times. If he got this changes were applied (and actually worked) he would feel as smooth in gameplay as Vader, and of course a really good villain to main.

I would say something about annoying Boba Fett players getting of limits, Lando/Iden/Chewie/Palps mains with their stuns, lightsaber stun locks and all that stuff, but I think we all know what I would complain about.
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