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Lando's Pistol

It is no secret that the villains outmatch the heroes by quite a bit. One way to help the heroes get a slight boost would be to make Lando's pistol overheat less. It makes no sense that a light pistol builds so much overheat. Leia's pistol builds less overheat than Lando's and hers packs more of a punch.


  • Not until disabled is nerfed
  • no lando already can melt vader in a 1v1 in 5 seconds after he is stunned
  • Not until disabled is nerfed

    The disabler is not this issue. It is the Quick Shock card. Maybe that card could be removed for an overheat card.
  • Now that the Disabler has been nerfed, Lando's pistol needs an overheat buff badly. My shooting is very accurate and Lando is the only hero I find myself cooling the gun before I have done serious damage to a target. His pistol is too weak to overheat so quickly. I used to always say Finn is the weakest hero, but now I would say Lando has taken the crown.
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