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Personal rank and heroes levels to 100

I think DICE should increase the heroes levels and the player rank to 100 cause it gets boring when you reach 40 level with heroes and fifty rank player! SW Battlefront 2 must be....


  • It has to get more attractive beyond the updates!!
  • It would gets more challenging
  • Yeah.......i'm pretty bored with the game right now. As I have everything fully maxed besides the artillery class(AT-AT,AT-TE,LAAT). I'll get it maxed on double xp weekend for sure though.

    I also have all the challenges completed except for 5 hero ship missile challenges(I mean come on 50 missile kills with han & Boba, while you only need 20-25 for Kylo & Iden)....which are really boring and tedious to complete. You have to get a specific heroship in starfighter assault and only go after the AI ships and shot their health down a little before firing your missiles. Then missile lock them and hope that your human or AI teammates don't blow them up before your missile hits them. If you play as Han you also have to hope that the enemy doesn't gang up on you and flow behind you taking out your health while trying to do all of this. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING!

    If you try to complete the challenge with just human missile kills you'll never get it because it's too easy to evade lock for human pilots.
  • I also wish that they would change Hero Showdown to a competition game mode (1v1 game mode) and do a community rank for each console. Your rank changes dynamically with how you play each game and how many 1v1 games you have won both in total and consecutively. That way you can see how you rank against others in the community and how knowledgeable you are in the force.

    This will probably have to be after they fix the lightsaber combat because right now 1v1 is pretty bad with the current lightsaber combat problems.
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