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Starfighters Starfighters Starfighters

Remember when this game first launched? The hype was so real coming from criterion!! Starfighter combat was heralded as half of the game's fun at release. So what happened?
I believe that people often forget that there is a community of great pilots waiting ever so patiently for more skyward content from this project. I've put together a couple of suggestions regarding what I believe would be a meaningful addition to the overall fun of the game.

1) MORE.
As it stands, most games of Galactic Assault are fairly one sided where starfighters play a role. On Crait, only the First Order has starfighters. On Starkiller, Only the Resistance has them during phase one until the First Order sends their own. To quote my favorite commercial, Por Que No Las Dos? If the Aerial forces of both factions are balanced so that each has starfighters in the air, spammy straffing run playstyles would be cut down since there's something more for those pilots to be doing. Naboo is unbalanced still but a good example of this done right and Kashyyk is a masterpiece. In short, pleast don't remove them from Galactic Assault but instead, make them morv pivotal to victory and more available for use on both sides of the engagement.

2) Debris
In my opinion, less debris makes flying far easier. No question. It does not, however, make for entertaining gameplay. Time to kill is far too fast in an open area meaning there's no way to really evade if another pilot is committed to chasing you. Its all too easy, on maps like D'qar, to camp spawns and blindside people flying from one objective to another. What I propose is more maps like Endor or The Unknown Regions where judicious piloting is necessary to victory. Tighter corners and more to hide behind definitely raises the potential for out plays and epic 1 hp escapes. Plus a deathstar 2 mission where you have to fly through corridors and tunnels to reach the core would be too cool IMO

3) Homing Missiles.
Homing missiles are too cool. They dont currently reflect what they are in the movies. (Which seems to be a major concern in other parts of the game) But they're still cool. That being said, they lost tracking fairly easily and don't deal as much damage as I would expect. In my opinion, they should behave like the buzz droid rockets from episode three where they really chase you around corners and circle back if they over shoot you. That still leaves plenty of counterplay options such as using the aforementioned debris, afterburner use, and precision flying.

Now I know that this is a lot to read but I would really appreciate some feedback on these ideas. They are opinion so up for debate. See you on the battlefront pilots. (Though not in custom games but hopefully it comes down the line)


  • Yeah I would like them to add more vehicles, maps, and hero ships to the game as well.

    I think though if they do anything with the starfighter game modes right now..... a nerf to the A-wing damage and a buff to the tie interceptor damage for both Empire and First Order is the most pressing concern. Maybe also a slight nerf to the amount of health that the heal gives the y-wing, x-wing, and arc-170. Either that or increase the time that the speed boost lasts for the darkside vehicles making it long for them to get locked on to, so that they can't be shot out of the sky as easily......unless you know how to shot people without the aimer system(wink,wink!).
  • Thats actually an event that I want to see someday! Realistic mode could be first person locked and no ui! Wouldnt that be crazy
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