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No More Heroes After Anakin

At least until the rest of the game gets a major update with new weapons for all classes and porting over BF1 WA maps. Outside of getting a new Hero the game has nothing to excite me to make me want to play this game. It's still the same launch game with a quick fresh coat of paint.


  • agree. i want 2 more maps (and the big new gamemode), after that there should be new heroes like mace windu or qui gonn
  • +1000

    New weapons
    New enforcers (droidekas, ARC troopers, etc)
    New maps
    New skins (many more)
    New vehicules (playables)
  • I REALLY don't care about new weapons... There's a lot actually, I don't want to see the DL-44 back in the hands of soldiers... The only things I want are new maps, new heroes, new vehicles and new reinforcements. Skin ? Don't care. Weapons ? Don't care.
  • ... I care. (Luke, ep. IV)
  • and Luke Ep. V skin.
  • Ultrastar
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    edited February 19
    DICE is working on improving the lightsaber combat system and bringing the new Titan mode so it won't be the same launch game. Rome wasn't built in a day.

    Jango Fett and Padme should be easy to make since they are basically clones of Boba Fett and Leia.
  • Ultrastar wrote: »

    Jango Fett and Padme should be easy to make since they are basically clones of Boba Fett and Leia.

    God I hope not, Jango should be similar only in having a jetpack, weapons are different and abilities... Well I'm sure they can make them different, a single wrist rocket, a flamethrower, and maybe the grappling hook which could pull an enemy to you(just some ideas not saying they are actually good), and Padme the same, should be nothing like Leia apart from having a blaster.
  • I hope they keep doing more heroes/villians and more maps. I think that once they release the lightsaber combat changes, then those people that worked on that can create new weapons.

    I don't think it should take them that long as there are already a lot of guns in single player game that aren't used in this multiplayer. Then look at all the hero weapons that we can't use either that are already in multiplayer. I don't think that adding more guns will take them that long. Maybe one person can do it in a couple of weeks or we can get several new guns once a month. I mean we can't use Han's DL-44, Leia's pistol, Bossk's Relby, Boba's EE-3, Lando's nightsniper, Phasma's gun(but maybe that should be just for her...up for debate)....then all the other guns from BF1 that we got, plus all other blasters in Star Wars. They could also give attachments to the standard weapons of each class to make them a more viable option. In addition, Heavy class should be able to use DLT-19 blaster that Deathtrooper gets and the jetpack troopers should be able to switch between long distance and CQC weapons , like you could in Jetpack Cargo.

    Most of the people that are working on the Lightsaber combat changes should be moved to porting BF1 maps to BF2, while that one person works on making tweaks to the game to get us more guns every couple of weeks or once a month.
  • ZephanUnbound
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    edited February 19
    The end of hero/villain releases would spell the end of the game for me personally, since I mainly play HvV. Nothing against new maps, but there are currently 15 maps in HvV, so there would only be a 1/16 chance of playing on a new HvV map, whereas with new heroes/villains you see them or play as them almost every game. So I don't have a problem with them making new maps, and would personally love to see the Lava Processing Facility on Mustafar and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as HvV and Blast maps, but hero and villain releases need to continue alongside maps right up until the end of DLC support for Battlefront 2 imo.
  • Ultrastar wrote: »
    Rome wasn't built in a day.

    At least Romulus and Remus didn't delay Rome every other month :)
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