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Era appropriate multiplayer maps and more

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There should be servers that will dedicate only the map rotation of certain eras i.e. clone wars only maps. Clone wars era maps would be a popular choice due to the customization of the clones. One change that I find surprising that hasn't be put in is the option to either play as a Male or female across all classes. Of course clone wars wouldn't apply for obvious reasons. The default weapons for each class should at least be available to choose throughout all the eras. It would be nice if players can modify those weapons as well to their liking and would mostly fill the void on the lack of weapons. Another popular request I've seen is more specialized units such as droidikas, gungans and, dark troopers, ect. that can be map or era specific. As for heroes, perhaps have Anikin be playable on also the dark side as well. Perhaps even introduce a game mode of order 66 where players spawn in as random jedi defending themselves from troopers at the temple. With the new introduction of herod and villains should also come their specialized ships such as obi's ship from either episode 2 or 3. The republic tank would be formidable against the AAT rather than the ATRT the both clones and the rebel alliance get stuck with. Its completely unfair that the separatist and empire get an closed vehicle while the others get basically an exposed scouting vehicle.

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