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Blocking from behind

I dont know if this is intentional ir not because i dont see a lot of people talking about it. But if im behind a lighsaber hero and i use a force power on them while they are blocking the other way, then it doesn’t do anything. It seems like something that shouldn’t happen.


  • I actually asked the devs about this, the response was that blocking "only works the way the character is facing". And I've experienced the use force push and nothing happens because ny opponent was blocking away from me. I was told to report it next time it happened. Which is too many times so I just stopped. But I do save video replays of it in the hopes they might do something.
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  • I think it’s intentional by the devs. They have a thing about making the game work completely against how it should… I’m sure it must be in the fine print somewhere… maybe hidden in a Jedi scroll, backwards?

    What you saying devs? Devs? … De
  • Weird question
    3 sabre players Vader (40), Kylo (40) and Grievous (40) attacking obi player (15) at the same time, pretty much surrounded him, Obi blocking and doesn't take any damage from them at all, kills all 3 how?
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