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Kylo Ren

Please tell me the new update will fix Kylos frenzy which has been screwed up since Obi Wan joined the game! 😣


  • Dice knows how to screw things up the best.

    All the changes they made only few were actually better. Kylo frenzy is a mess atm.
    My priority list:

    1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
    2. Fix bugs
    3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
    4. More love for Starfighter modes
    5. First Person only mode
  • Stormtrooper_ADR
    1 posts Member
    edited February 16
    I`ve Noticed that the Count Dooku update was an improvement to the game itself, but also meant a Downgrade to Kylo Ren. Both Frenzy ability and Bloodlust starcard suffered an unneded nerf that made him a weak hero compared to others. If this 2 changes can be undone it would be great.
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