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Game constantly freezing/stuttering, rendering gameplay almost useless

Lately when I have been trying to play BF2, I have been getting a MAJOR stutter/freeze during gameplay which practically renders me useless to my team. It takes me forever to simply move around or do anything. I thought that this was due to a slow internet connection but I do not think that is the lone problem.

Can someone please help?? I basically can't play again until this problem gets fixed!


  • Not to mention lagwise. Played for half an hour today. Absolutely unplayable. Never used to be like this before the so-called hotfix.

    Rinsed by someone I shot in the head (twice!) with Vanguard at close range. Clecked profile: Japanese (couldn't read the profile!). Same happened with someone else: Checked profile again: Proud Mexican.

    I live in Europe. Networking set to default in Options.
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