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Stamina bar

I think the design of the stamina bar is really bad, it's simply a thin line in the center of the screen, often I can not even see in the heat of battle. Another problem is the aim of the ships are white, when you pass through a clear space you simply lose sight, if it were a color that stood out it would not happen.


  • willywonka7
    1505 posts Member
    edited February 8
    Yeah I would like them to bring the old stamina bar back from when the game first came out. The one where it was a circle around the aimer and would fill up to red when you over used your stamina. That was the best way to do it! The only video I have of the old stamina bar is in this video around 0:26.

    Later they changed it to empty instead of fill-up which caused problems because there was this circle constantly around your aimer always filled up.....and now it's the bar method which is drastically worst than the previous two methods.

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