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Not learning from Fortnites success

Fortnite shows the absolute profitable potential from cosmetics and customization. Battlefront 2s content & skins are released so far apart that there is no pressure to buy crystals so we just grind for everything. GA could be massively improve by just adding old guns & maps from BF2015 & maybe more enforcers (the 12 blasters & wookies are so dull by now) HvV could massively improve with better spawns when losing & a deathmatch, and deuling mode would be tremendous along with removing the stagger from blocks. If Hero’s are perfected like so, then at least a weekly epic skin would make some serious profit from crystals. I could think of at least 2-3+ skins for every hero & villain. The clone wars has so many options for both new cosmetics & new heros. I love how much this game has improved and it still has tremendous potential. thank


  • __Pruneface__
    4 posts Member
    edited February 10
    Pressuring people to buy crystals in order to unlock a skin is a terrible idea. Grinding is a tedious activity but it is way more rewarding than just throwing $20 at it.

    Also Fortnite successes comes from not only little kids spending their parents money on v-bucks but also from large promoters of the game like ninja. Tbh I wouldn’t want to use Fortinite as a business model because the spending of real life money is incentivised, I’m not against the option of buying skins as it’s way better than the pay to win aspect of the game that used to exist, but let’s not ‘pressure’ people into doing it.

  • What people don’t understand for some reason is fort nite is a crappy hunger games. It sucks. When I see kids and especially adults doing those dances I cringe. It’s so dumb and looks embarasssing to watch.
    Sorry but if they ever make a really great hunger games game with real world survival mechanics. No one is gonna play the off shoot knock off survival game that was based on the pc game rust and the hunger games.
  • skins will saturate the market B) B)
  • jordi1337 wrote: »
    skins will saturate the market B) B)

    Why create a ‘pay to get’ market in the first place?

  • @__Pruneface__ because we can sponsor servers that not all players could afford and the party can continue for everyone
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