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December CC

How do you play this game?

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edited February 10
ok i just installed it,

Cant connect to any servers after 50 tries
I am only interested in space combat, i started a flight mission, and saw some star destroyers, I flew toward the star destroyers to make my dream come true, of being in a star wars movie, and the game said "stop, go back!!" and was told to return to combat zone. This game is a con.
Im shooting tie fighters, and my lasers stop. I have to wait for them to recharge, can i recharge them somehow manually?
How do you throttle, is it left stick?
thank goodness this only cost 8 dollars.


  • what are you doing. Go learn the game and see controls instead of complaining on here straight away.

    I only agree with that part that in Arcade Starfighter mode the combat zone is unnecessarely small, smaller than actual online mode version of maps.
    My priority list:

    1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
    2. Fix bugs
    3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
    4. More love for Starfighter modes
    5. First Person only mode
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